Product Options

January 10, 2010

I’ve gotten bits and pieces worked out for the product delivery service. There is a feature that is getting in the way though. Product listings on my marketplace will have options and add-ons.

Many times, I will see a product listing duplicated on a web-based marketplace because it is different in color, permissions, or a minor change. If options were available, the search results would not be plagued with redundant listings.

Add-on’s have a similar problem. Products are made specifically to support others, but there are not any ways to only look at add-ons. Think of the sales for the Flying Tako. People make different patterns and colors.

With my delivery system, I need to not only specify the product id, but also the options. My mini countdown timer comes as a trial, copyable, or transferrable. I need to be able to request the trial version to be delivered to the end-user.

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A Little Speed Boat

December 27, 2009

I was having difficulty understanding how to sail a flying Tako. I had made a note to myself to just build a speed boat so that driving would be a bit more simpler since I wouldn’t need to worry about wind direction. I created a mockup of the motorboat with just 20 prims. Again, it’s got that blue and white theme to it that I always like to use. Now I just need to script the sitting positions and give it an engine to propel it forward.
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