QR Code Scavenger Hunt

January 21, 2010

Earlier tonight, I was discussing some ideas that I had with my wife. I was debating on creating a scavenger hunt using post cards to read where the avatars were located when they supposedly found an object in-world for the hunt. The problem is, I wanted to make sure that the object itself was in the picture.

Enter QR Codes. These handy little objects let you store quite a bit of information, and allow you to store a bit more information than bar codes, and apparently are pretty populare with camera phones in Japan. The trick though, would be to find some software to scan an image and locate the code. PHP doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to do that on it’s own, so I’d probably make an agent handle the work using something like JAVA or C#. This is where the queue system that I made for my product distribution kicks in, because I can just set up a different type of work that is handled specifically by the external agent.

This platform gives me a lot of exciting ideas. It is hard to find the time to turn those ideas into a reality.

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Freedom for the apples!

October 10, 2009

I decided to head on over to octoberville and check it out. I haven’t been here for years. The last time I came down here, I got a laptop and a filing cabinet in 2006. A few things have changed since then. The scavenger hunt has grown a bit and seems to have a story associated with it. Some rooms will not work unless you solve puzzles in others. There is also a role-play aspect to it and some puzzles need more than one person to help you out. It’s a long game. The lag isn’t any help either. That has got to be the worst part of it. I guess that is why they say it will take a few days to complete the hunt.
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Inventory Service

October 4, 2009

I’ve spent the majority of the day working on a robust PHP script that permits an in-world inventory server to connect to a web-based service. It sounds simple enough, but the validation is killer. I only have one part of a few parts that I’m still working on. Connection is done. I need to work on a cron job to verify the URL still works, and I also need to work on the API to permit a list of the inventory to be stored on the web service.

One thing that I found pleasing was the capability of asynchronous HTTP communications. I start to make a request with llHTTPRequest. While that is happening, the URL that it is contacting tries to contact the same script on the http_request event. The http_request event verifies information from the server and returns additional information to verify that it is coming from the same script that originated the request. Finally, the http_response event gets the results from the llHTTPRequest and both client/server are happy.

I’m still uncertain if I should focus on the scavenger hunt idea or not since Peter Stindberg pointed out a scavenger hunt system made by iRika. However, it appears that hers is not web-based. The power of the web permits grid-wide (and even cross-grid) scavenger hunts. In addition, it permits profiles where people can choose to show which scavenger hunts they completed, and the reward associated with it. This is sort of like a trophy system. Imagine a large treasure hunt also that allows multiple people to hide items – like the great grid-wide goldrush and the Great Grid-Wide Easter Egg Hunt, but instead, you have to log onto other grids as well to get the entire collection. Another possibility would be to exchange found treasures for others similar to how the in-world Geocaching works. In this sense, you could leave a “bug” in one cache, and see how far it moves as others find it and put it into other cache’s. Because the back-end is connected to a database, you wouldn’t be limited by memory constraints. I found one treasure hunt that boasts support for 4,000 items. This is nothing with the power of a database.

Another item that I found on XStreetSL provided people with a set of gold bars to be hidden around a region. With the system I was thinking about, I could sell collections individually like this (but with different types of ingots like copper, iron, silver), or provide the ability to drop a script into your own objects. I believe iRika does something similar to this. Another product offers different flags to add some variety.

Although I am working with the web, I was also thinking of how to simplify things. In this case, the web should be completely optional. Even a checklist could be dynamically updated. I could add a button for it to list active treasure hunts in the current region, and then display a list of items for them to find. Perhaps some treasure hunts could be marked as private to group members only, individual people, or peoples avatars who are older or younger than a specific age. Another idea would be to require someone to be standing within a short distance whose rezday is today, in order for other people to claim the treasure. Or perhaps their name has to begin with a specific letter like lucky chairs, or a minimum number of people need to be near by similar to mob vend. With the capabilities of a website on the back-end, I could even set items up so that people would have to post a snapshot to bloghud, snapzilla, or mixoom in order to retrieve their prize. There are tons of ways to expand the idea of how to hunt for things. Oh, and the most awesome one – teams!

However, if it’s not the way to go, I could look into the UFO game again. I pretty much had a working concept setup for it. There were still a few other ideas to go along with it as well.

Blue Hair Podcast is back

August 14, 2007

My Blue Hair podcast may have faded quite a bit there, but after DrFran Babcock and Gomem Desoto asked about it, I decided to look into getting it back on the air. This time, I’m using CastBlaster to produce the podcast live. I was more prepared with notes as well as playing a few songs that I like from the podsafe music network. Download the episode, Catching Up, and give it a listen some time.
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00:01 Blue Hair Jingle – Geoff Smith

00:44 Space Balls: The everlasting know it all

Castblaster recommended by Gomem Desoto. I had problems with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Beta 0.81 available for fix. I got a new computer – HP Entertainment PC Laptop dv9260nr.

03:51 Aaron: Looking Good – website

I am working on creating a skin for myself from pictures in real life. I found that Morpheus Photo Morpher v3.01 Industrial works well for this task. I recommend Robin Wood’s avatar UV templates. I was inspired by pictures of people and avatars put side-by-side next to each other. I opened a feature request to allow people to move there avatars eyes up and down.

13:00 Christopher Dale: Ice Creamwebsite

I go over the Relay for Life events where many musicians played for 3 days. Many musicians in-world participated with sound-clips for the groovy scavenger hunt. We raised over 120,000 US$ for the American Cancer Society this year. My friend, DrFran Babcock got the most laps this year.

23:15 Lovebugs: Dream street No5 (Norwegian)website

Voice comes to SL and not many people are actually using it. Infohubs such as Ahern are becomming popular destinations for people who would like to speak.

Sculpties are in SL as well with a lot of software provided solely for SL. Snurb O’Matic is an in-world sculpty editor offered by SkyHighatry. Tokoroten and Rokuro are made to extrude and spin patterns and very easy to use. SculptyPaint is a technical tool available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

38:21 Synthetic Movements: Reverse Musicology (News to me)website

I got a wiki for myself lately after hearing about them being used by Beth Ritter-Guth. I’ve been writing out all of my product descriptions that I sell and trying to make them more professional. I’ve posted a job listing on SLTaskForce.com to hire someone to help me out. I’ve also noticed that SL Boutique is now known as Shop On-Rez.

49:26 Blue Hair End Tag Preview – Geoff Smith

49:41 Arno Lubbinge – Produced with CastBlaster

Ready for press

July 27, 2007

All the scripts are tested, working, and ready to roll. Such a long time to come to this. 18 records in all for people to find. I also have the ability to disable the contest and start it up on a whim. All of the code is tightly coupled for this first version of the scavenger hunt, but in the future I may have the ability to make it customizable so that anyone can make there own scavenger hunt. Still, this is going to be a lot of fun.
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Scavenger Hunt Testing

July 26, 2007

So my scavenger hunt project is almost done. I’ve saved a lot of different locations throughout our campsite into a database. As each record is found, it disappears and moves to a different location. This may help so that everyone has an equal chance of finding records. If the record isnt’ found for a long time (about 1 hour), it moves to a random location as well. I’m playing around riding on a prim touring each location to make sure everything was saved and is comming from the database just fine. Each person may only grab one of each record. Once they collect all the records, they will get a prize.
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Groovy Scavenger Hunt

July 24, 2007

I got another artist signed up for the Groovy Scavenger Hunt today. That makes 16 songs in all that people can hunt for. I created a sign for the scavenger hunt listing all the artists and what songs you can find. I also started working on the actual script to keep track of what items each person has found. Just a few more days and people will be having fun searching for records. I also worked more on my telehub. I’ve been customizing the Clanis telehub with my own touch. You can now walk inside and look around.
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