Manual Crossposting

January 2, 2010

After what seems to be forever, I have gotten through posting the mini count down timer to eight different storefronts. My internal database is starting to grow in it’s structure to hold the different types of information that I find valuable. I am wondering it if is worth it to post to some of them. Back in the day, I used to post my items on SL Boutique. It did poorly in sales, but it still had them occasionally. The question starts to bubble up in my mind – does the time I use to post to these sites pay off in the long run? If I just sell an item or two, it’s only a couple bucks comming back. I’m not even making minimum wage if you think about it. The other side of it is that I’m sowing seeds and testing the waters. One of these storefronts that I would have passed up otherwise may turn out to be a great investment. The other thing I wonder is what else would I have done with my time otherwise? Looking at some product listings, I am debating if I should change my overall product presentation. Way too many ideas to throw me off course.
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Lightweight Vendors

November 23, 2009

I usually come up with some interesting ideas when I go take a walk, or get a good nights sleep. The latest idea was how to improve the vendor experience. Most networked vendors are loaded with lots of scripts and prims. Using touch-based mapping, and the 5-faced prim that I use for my letter positioning, I can essentially create a vendor that has 10 preview panels, paging, and a main product presentation with 3 prims and 1 script. I’ve made a mockup and it looks like it can be done. I’ll need to get a rudamentary web interface working first assign images, note cards, and prices to items.
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Comment Box

January 1, 2009

I’ve worked on updating my comment box tonight. I reduced the primcount from 7 to 3 using sculpties, consolidated 4 sripts into 1, as well as compiling them into mono. I even went ahead and did a full makeover on my product presentation based on some suggestions from Fleche Xeno’s workshop series for business planning and improvement. I am now including price and permissions on the images, reducing the overall visiblity of my logo, and made the name of the product easier to see from a distance. I now have two versions (transferrable and copyable) and have a smaller image (256×256) to reduce bandwidth.
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Retail and Merchandising

August 10, 2008

Another business planning and improvement workshop with Fleche Xeno. This time he went over Retail and Merchandising.

As always, Fleche had a ton of information to give to us about what we can do to help with our product presentation. He gave details on comparing vendors versus box that sell one item, and what scenarios that vendors improve compared to 1 item boxes.

After giving us the information about how to present our products, he asked class members to send him a picture of what we show our customers to buy. Each image was displayed and the class got to use their new found knowledge to identify what was good and bad about each image. I learned of a few problems with my own stuff.

Fleche went over store design and layout. He descibed the best case scenarios of how products should be laid out, and why differences exist between real life with psychology and abilities. For homework, each class member is visiting each others store fronts to determine what needs to be improved after learning our lessons for today.

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Packaging products for Korii

January 19, 2008

Korii Tiger dumped a lot of sculpties on me the other day and told me to sell them for her. My heart sank a little. I go through a lot of complex steps to present my products to the general public as well as creating documentation and images.

I got a little smart this time with her products. She didn’t need all of that fancy stuff. She just needed a quick and dirty way to sell things. I created an image for her product presentation indicating the name of the store, the permissionson her objects, and a photo of her tiger avatar. The rest of the image was transparent. After I uploaded the image into second life, I slapped it on a primand attached it to the center of my hud. I was able to navigate around with alt-zoom through the transparent portions of the image. I took a snapshot and immediately uploaded it as a 512×512. The products looked great and there was no post-processing involved.

I did run into a few problems along the way. Windlight acts funny when uploading a snapshot when trying to work with 512×512 images. The “Keep specified aspect ratio” seems to be the problem. It takes the actual 512×512 pixel size seen on the screen rather than resizing my snapshots to 512×512 from the full screen. I had to take all of the snapshots with the regular release candidate viewer.

The prim attachment was fairly simple. I have a widescreen laptop, so I couldn’t stick with a simple prim of 1 meter square. I made it two meters by one meter and then tapered it 50%. I made the extra sides black. They are not seen anyway since I used the aspect ratio checkbox and the center face was an exact square. I had a bit of problems with the texture trying to wrap to opposite sides as well, but I ended up just setting both the horizontal and vertical repeats per face to 0.98. Otherwise a little bit of white from the tiger on the right hand side would show up on the left edge.

For each product, I rezzed it in a light box made of three prims. Each prim was set to white, a blank texture, and full bright.

In no time at all, I had 20 objects packaged up with pictures all taken in- world. Preparing images for my own products usually takes about an hour with all of the post processing work. I wish I had thought of this sooner.

Now comes the hard part. Determining how much these things are worth. Most are simple one-prim sculpties. I believe it is time to do a little research.

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Product Presentation

January 21, 2007

My neighbor, Danny Banjo, was offering to sponsor me. Me? It turns out that he notices people who come to his place don’t spend long before moving along to my store. To get more people looking at his product, he wanted me to let him put a vendor in my store. I could allow him to do that, but I have some rules with my group-owned land that wouldn’t work out for him. Since he was my neighbor, I suggested that he could build something that went along with the theme of my store so it appeared to continue along over to his parcel. We both agreed that the main problem was presentation. His store doesn’t lok like a store at all.
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The Goddess Drops By

November 9, 2006

Yxes Delacroix dropped by tonight to take a look around the shop. I was speaking to her earlier this week at the drive in movie theater about advertising my store on her podcast (The Goddess and Banana , an SL Audio Affair). She seemed a bit impressed with the product presentation and the wide variety of gadgets that I offer.

We tossed some ideas around for fall themes for my store. At the moment, I have a lot of leaves falling around the place. We also talked about December and how to winterize parcels without using much prims. I got some ideas of something that I’ll work on to help her out with.

End of Line.  
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