Building a ships bridge

June 14, 2009

I’m gathering up some ideas for one of my older domains. Long before I heard of second life, i always wanted to make my own web-based MMORPG. I had many ideas, and interesting experiments to boot, but none of them really made it anywhere. I think I’m going to start building up an idea founded on space exploration. The general idea is to make a podcast discovering new songs (mainly through podshow at first), but some how tieing in the theme with a game simulation of building up a brighter world of your own. Perhaps I’m trying too many things at once. Anyways, here is a mockup of a space ship bridge.
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PodCampSL: Jingles and Musical Beds

January 28, 2007

Tom Shad (of gives a presentation of creating jingles for podcasts and musical beds to play in the background (like theme music) Lots of interesting ideas of how he goes about it. I think I need a jingle for my new podcast, blue hair ( ). Madison Carnot of the Bucket podcast said that she got hers done by Geoff Smith ( ) a while back. Bucket jingle is just really great from my own opinion.
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