A gifted sim for Yxes

December 16, 2009

This evening, I listened to the latest Podmafia episode 119 – The sim owners guide to the galaxy. On the episode, Yxes Delacroix explained how it would be such a great gift to have a sim given to her. I can’t afford to hand out regions as they cost one thousand dollars in setup fees, and an additional two hundred and ninety nine dollars for the first months service charge. I went with the next best thing. I still had an old panarama that I created from the opening day of Los Arboles. Banana Stein purchased this sim long ago, and both Yxes and Banana moved over there from Bbang. I placed the panarama on the inside and adjusted the particle snowflakes that I had put in it earlier. The podcast also had some comments about snow in virtual environments, so I figured it was a nice touch. After handing it to Yxes, she was happy to receive the gift. It has a bit of history relevant to her, and solves her wish to have a sim for Christmas. Well … it is a simulatation of a simulator.
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Can you hear me now?

December 15, 2009

I found a service called Odiogo that allows me to provide audio versions of my blog posts. Odiogo offers this as a free service. I’m trying it out for now. It inserts a brief intro at the beginning of each post before it reads the information. It is synthesized, so it sounds a bit computerized. Check out the web interface or an RSS link for a podcast.
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The Dreamers Thread

November 9, 2009

PhoebeAnn Theas was in the write-in tonight for the NaNoWriMo. She asked if I was the same Dedric from two years ago. Apparently it turns out that I was an inspiration for one of her novels that is also a podcast. Check it out, and look for me in episode 4. Apparently she thinks the guy who did my voice is brilliant. The Dreamer’s Thread – A podiobook by Starla Huchton.
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Blue Hair #19 – Copy, Copy, Copy

September 24, 2009

Blue Hair Square

In this episode, I discuss the evolution of copying objects within the virtual world of Second Life, possible solutions to the problem, as well as thoughts on why past actions have not worked.

Download MP3: Blue Hair Podcast 19 Copy Copy Copy

@Jet_Burns Interview on Blue Hair Podcast #17

August 12, 2009

Interview with Charles White (known as Jet Burns in Second Life) who works in NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Knowledge Management team.

Twitter: Jet_Burns

Download Blue Hair 17 – Charles White

YouTube Video of NASA CoLab in Second Life

NASA CoLab in Second Life

Blue Hair #16

July 31, 2009

Ok, so I’m doing a bit of a revival for Blue Hair. Download Blue Hair Episode 16

Blue Hair

Torley shows off Here Island with krpano – Flash Panorama Viewer

Free trial, 30 Euro’s (42.38 US$) for 2 domains, 90 euros for unlimited domains. Program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Spherical images need to be 2:1 ratio. Or you can use 6 “cubed” images (top, bottom, left, right, front back).

vSide staff working on Real Life+

Clued Up!

Past blue hair episodes now hosted on Mevio. (Was on podshow).

Building a ships bridge

June 14, 2009

I’m gathering up some ideas for one of my older domains. Long before I heard of second life, i always wanted to make my own web-based MMORPG. I had many ideas, and interesting experiments to boot, but none of them really made it anywhere. I think I’m going to start building up an idea founded on space exploration. The general idea is to make a podcast discovering new songs (mainly through podshow at first), but some how tieing in the theme with a game simulation of building up a brighter world of your own. Perhaps I’m trying too many things at once. Anyways, here is a mockup of a space ship bridge.
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