Forgotten Wars

February 5, 2010

I talked with Ina Centaur for quite a while last night about her primtings museum and the possibility of creating a piece of art. The idea behind her primtings museum is that people are inspired by real-life artwork, and then build their own interpretations in the virtual environment. The name “primtings” is a prim’d painting. I’ve hunted through many pieces of artwork and finally found one that called out to me. It is “Guerre Dimenticate” by Viale Susanna. It’s itallian for Forgotten Wars.

The painting could be interpreted for different wars in my mind. The first that called out to me was the Natzi concentration camps with the pile of skulls. There is also a history of slavery in the United States where many slaves were treated with no value other than for hard labor. The wars in the middle east seem to be forgotten, and the mention of mass graves of the dead are vaguely in my memories. I imagine that there are also many wars and events that I never hear about, but they are a reality for many people.

I was able to build a quick mockup of the painting with skulls and a yellow wall. The hardest part was to get the position rite for the person to look over and have their hand out towards the skulls. Anyone can walk up to the piece and sit down so that they too are a part of the art.

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Wierd Art Thing

October 5, 2009

So I threw my tube prims together and came up with a wierd abstract art thing. When I look at it, I see … blue metal. I doubt that is an emotion or anything. How do you work abstract art anyway? If people can’t get a feeling from abstract art, does it mean that it is broken? If I purchased a painting for lots of money, and no one could figure it out, could I report the artist to the Better Business Bureau for selling me a Lemon if they refuse to reimburse me?
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Where’s your head at?

February 16, 2009

I decided to pay a visit to Torley’s Here region to see what has changed. I found a small fishing shack by a pond. A box with a small table holding a flower was inside with some pose balls. I tried it out and found that my head was missing. Something tells me that there may be a painting that resembles this image.
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AvPainter now supporting Sculpties

January 6, 2009

Shortly after the new year, the AvPainter program got a few new features. The AvPainter is often used to paint clothes onto avatars with a 3D canvas. I found it to be great for setting up reference points as well as previewing clothing before I uploaded the images. What is new is that it now allows you to import your own mesh objects and paint onto them in the same way. It still needs some improvement because it’s not a true WYSIWYG editior yet. For example, solid colors in the painter appear to be just big dots when they come into Second Life. However, the ability to do this is amazing. It’s great for understanding placment of textures before you work on the final mapping.


AvPainter Screenshot Painting Sculpty

AvPainter Screenshot Painting Sculpty

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On the other side of the painting

December 23, 2007

I found out about this 3D still life of Vincent Van Goughs Bedroom in Aries though Second Seeker. The sceen looks very similar to the painting itself. Apparently, this is a painting of Vincent’s own room. The room was actually trapazoid. It’s hard to tell just by looking at this painting on a first glance. There are other sceenes here as well including the famouse “Starry Night” that has been featured on the second life website and blog. In the machinima, someone is creating the entire painting in 3D with a nice bit of background music. Most of the music in this museum however is played on piano.
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Movie clips of 300

March 23, 2007

DrFran Babcock told me that 300 was showing over at the Silverscreen sim. I checked it out and watched the preview. After the preview, there were many clips from the movie playing one after the next. I kept poking fun with DrFran that the movie was mainly full of guys showing off their muscles. Watching the movie, I’m thinking I may go and watch it in the theaters. It sounds like it has an involved storyline. The basic storyline is about a guy with 300 half naked spartins are defending themselves from slavory. From there, everything else takes off around courage and feats that legends are made of. Each scene looks like it is something from a painting.
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January 27, 2007

Korii invites me over to an art gallery in the sky called Twilight. I immediately spotted her painting here too. Very nice.
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