Flix Saiman’s NY Skyline model

June 28, 2008

So thsi is a mockup of New York City (Notice the empire state building).This was made as a small set for a machinma to be entered into a contest. The Bourne Ultimatum Machinma Trailer Contest – TV Poker’s Bourne. The machinima won, but an email to confirm residency/age went to an adddress that the producers didn’t check. After 24 hours, it was disqualified. Sad story. The trailer matches very closely to the actual movies trailer an uses the same audio. The set was used as a still shot near the beginning. Flix doesn’t get to bring it out much other then to occasionally show it off. Flix’s video was the only one done in SL.
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A real chess clock

January 1, 2008

In the past, I had made a mockup of a chess clock to keep track of my time online and offline. So far I’ve been online for 17 weeks, 16 hours, 4 minutes, and 40 seconds … in simple terms, it says that 21.11% of my life is spent in-world since it has started to moniter me for the past year, 27 weeks, 6 days, 16 hours, 19 minutes and 15 seconds. Ginger Riggles purchased the clock for their chess tournaments with the impression that it worked just like a real chess clock. After they contacted me, I volunteered to create a real chess clock for them. I just completed it with a ton of options to adjust time, pause the game, and a few other controls. Going digital gives you so many options.
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A head full of Cylindrian Rutabaga

September 4, 2007

Back at SLCC 2007, I talked with Cylindrian Rutabaga. I the topic of discussion was about how musicians in Second Life don’t have much in the way of promoting themselves in-world other then there music. I tossed around an idea of having cylindars and rutabega’s floating around peoples heads. I saw Cylindrian tonight in-world and started making a mockup of what I was trying to explain to here at SLCC. She really loved the idea. I spent the next few hours working on creating a sculpty that looked like a rutabega and morphing an image of a rutabega to fit on the prim. It turned out to be a really great product in the end and she was really happy to have it.
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Initial Development for Burning Life

August 26, 2007

With everything going on this weekend with SLCC, I managed to get in to Sl for a little bit and tend to Burning Life. This is a spin off of the burning man. In about 1 hour, I had a mockup of a large treen in the center of a ring of smaller trees. I have much to do. The trees in the ring need to turn into wood sprites that run around. The big tree needs a spiral staircase, and the top needs to be a platform that people can walk on. All of this needs to be done as well as be visually pleasing to the eye. I also need to watch my prim count. I seem to be reaching the limits quickly.
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Preparing for Half-Way There Fair

May 25, 2007

ELLiebob Bean IM’d me and let me know that the team is getting together for a Half-Way There Fair. We came up with a few ideas and she brought up the idea of a balloon dart booth. Pop a balloon and win a prize! I started makign a mockup of a trailer that opens up for the game. I could probably expand this to other games that I’ve seen at county fairs. We have to keep it PG and get an area of 9000 sq. meters and 1200 prims. Looks like I may have to crank out a lot of stuff in a very short period of time as we start setting up on June 1st. There goes my memorial day weekend.
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