The Comment Box

January 10, 2010

The comment box was perhaps one of my first big projects in Second Life. The earliest copy that I have in my inventory is from January 1st, 2006. I was making something that could hold notes from visitors and let people see the titles.

Over the years, the comment box has had many changes and updates. Zakk Starr asked me if I had any updates since version 1.9 that he got a few years ago. I handed him a copy of 1.13. I was curious myself and took a look at the newer version.

Oddly enough, I was unfamiliar with a ton of new features that I had put into it. This feeling is the same with most projects that I work on in real life and the virtual world. I move onto so many things very quickly that I forget what I have done.

It’s now smaller in height, but anyone can resize it. The newest model only uses 3 prims instead of 7. Two of them are sculpties. You can choose different textures for the box itself that change both the text and color. A technique has been used so that each individual texture actually contains 16 images, so there is one texture for each color, but all images have the same text. There is only 1 script instead of four. Scripts are compiled in mono. You can adjust privacy settings so that people may or may not see titles of note cards, or get the notecard itself. An access list allows you to control who else may adjust the settings on the comment box as well. Improvement in determining who dropped in a note card, rather than looking at the creator of the note card alone. The owner is sent an instant message as new notes are dropped along with the name of the person, note, and a slurl.

The comment box has come a long way since it’s inception. Previous the the comment box, there was an art easil that I made to display my real life artwork. The earliest copy that I can find of it is version 1.3 from December 31st. I’m sure I made a few before that. The easil is closely related due to how it was able to read the information from note cards and images, display that information as hovertext, and give out note cards. It also cycled through the paintings on it’s own.

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Building a ships bridge

June 14, 2009

I’m gathering up some ideas for one of my older domains. Long before I heard of second life, i always wanted to make my own web-based MMORPG. I had many ideas, and interesting experiments to boot, but none of them really made it anywhere. I think I’m going to start building up an idea founded on space exploration. The general idea is to make a podcast discovering new songs (mainly through podshow at first), but some how tieing in the theme with a game simulation of building up a brighter world of your own. Perhaps I’m trying too many things at once. Anyways, here is a mockup of a space ship bridge.
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Reflecting upon the weekend

July 22, 2008

The relay for life of second life is over. I think about all the events that lead us to this point. This past weekend had so many things going on, it was hard just to keep my mind settled when trying to sleep. Some parts, I was choking up trying to hold back from getting emotional, while others were just exciting and give me pride. I was inspired by the campsites and themed builds. I learned a lot about cancer through scavenger hunts, poems, books, and more. I was happy to cheer people on, and talk to others about their stories. I worked together and/or participated in different events. It’s just a ton of stuff all at once. And I am not the only one. Everyone of us went through all of this all at once. I’ll be back next year for my fourth year at this event. I hope to see more of you there next year.
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The end of the contest

April 12, 2008

Fleche Xeno and I finish making sure everything works. We have had many things that just didn’t work as expected. We were a bit stressed out trying to meet the deadline. The competing team seemed to just resubmit their existing ideas and put them inside a pretty building. We developed our ideas further, did a lot of research of existing products and materials by the company, and also researched health information that the products would be helpful for. Still, the pretty building that other team has me wondering. If this is a contest about whose builds the prettiest building, oh – that would have me a bit off. But hey, I’m happy I got this far even. I met some nice new friends.
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Lots of new things

January 23, 2008

I found many things happened today, or at least recently. Logging into Second Life, I found that a new windlight viewer was available. I forgot about my postcard floater changes and am limited to 700 characters and no default email to send out to. I’ll have to fix that up.

I can’t seem to get my 3D mouse to work, but I’m thinking one of the wires came loose from my soldering experience of repair. I noticed that my sim has Havok 4 again and one of my neighbors has Havok 4 as well. Go figure, he is a Linden after all.

The last thing is my blog. WordPress announced that everyone now has 3 GB of data. I also started promoting the blog on blogexplosion.

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Havok 4 Reaches the Main Grid

January 18, 2008

Back in April, the Lindens (Joe Miller specifically) announced that they were upgrading Havok from version 1 all the way to version 4. Havok is the physics engine that lets objects move and collide. It allows you to stand on the second floor of a large mall without falling through the floor.

There have been plees for an upgrade as well as promises that it is being looked into. Most of us expected an upgrade (if any) to version two. Much to our surprise, we got version four.

The problem with havok one is that it is outdated. Many problems arrise when you have too many things happening at once. Races with cars cause servers to go down. Lots of people at events have problems as well.

There is also a limitation of 31 prims for physical objects. 31 prims may sound like a lot at first. Once you start to try and build a car, you quickly find that 31 is only a small number. Havok 4 will initially let us use 32 prims. The reason for just one extra prim is because it is a nice round number (in binary terms 100000, or hex it is 0x20). Additionally, Andrew Linden reported that Havok 1 was supposed to have a 32 prim limit for physical objects to begin with. There have been tests to drive it up to 64 on the beta grid. A bug (SVC-744 was actually filed against the increase in prims.

Havok 4 sims have already reached the main grid. Now the Lindens have introduced a Havok4 Early Adopter Program on their blog for private estate owners. The instructions provided were very simple and I was able to send in my request for Woodbridge.

Once the woodbridge sim is upgraded, anyone will be able to look at the help menu and click “About Second Life…” and see something similar to the following: “Havok4 Beta Server”.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone informed on my blog about my Second Life experiences with Havok. I’ve played around a little on the beta grid and found a few of my products actually work over their when they are broken on the main grid. Perhaps they will work on the Woodbridge sim once it gets the update.

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Puppeteer Prim Animation Kit

April 7, 2007

DrFran Babcock invites me over to Schell to have a look at a pupeteer kit. The first thing I noticed was a dancing skeleton who seemed to fall to pieces when I looked at it. He soon got up again and started dancing. There are many things for sale here that are animated. There are two versions available. The free edition lets you setup, record, playback and publish your objects – but you can’t sell them. The Vendor Edition gives you that extra feature. Best of all is the price – only 300 L$. I was shocked that it was so low. I had a chat with the creator, Todd Borst. He was kind enough to show DrFran and I a slew of examples and things he is working on.
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