Building a ships bridge

June 14, 2009

I’m gathering up some ideas for one of my older domains. Long before I heard of second life, i always wanted to make my own web-based MMORPG. I had many ideas, and interesting experiments to boot, but none of them really made it anywhere. I think I’m going to start building up an idea founded on space exploration. The general idea is to make a podcast discovering new songs (mainly through podshow at first), but some how tieing in the theme with a game simulation of building up a brighter world of your own. Perhaps I’m trying too many things at once. Anyways, here is a mockup of a space ship bridge.
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The end of the second round

February 24, 2008

There are just a few more hours before the second round is over. I have built up my 1 Million Linden Dollar idea with a large scale model, actual scale, and a demonstration of the product in use. I also created a presentation board that gives a general idea of what it does. The judges are comming into Second Life for the first time tomorrow. I made a few things easier to access, such as raising a table up igher so people didn’t have ut use cameras to zoom around and get a better look. I am a little nervouse. A lot of the ideas that other group members have look pretty good. I can only cross my fingers and hope that I can get into the next round.
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The greenly green Antonius Misfit

January 25, 2008

Antonius Misfit dropped by in a really green super hero kind of outfit. He dropped by to look around and noticed the store had moved a bit. Antonius had dropped by before to look at my voice synthesizer with allophones.

We talked a bit about skyboxes and rezzing systems, and some of the problems we had run into in the past. He mentioned an open source script called Builders Buddy (created by Newfie Pendragon) as a base for skyboxes and sent a copy my way. It came in a nice object that he made himself.

The scripts are fully documented and would take up some time just to go through to get the general idea of what is going on under the hood.

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In memory of those lost at Virginia Tech

April 17, 2007

A lot of us are still asking ourselves why this is happened, and how it could happen. There are many unanswered questions regarding the largest mass casualty event at an educational facility. The facts are still being discovered. Eyewitness accounts are coming in left and right. Procedures are bound to be changed. The whole nation has been stirred up. For those of us who wish to show that we care, a memorial has been erected. People have left candles, flowers, stuffed animals, and even a symbolic sculpture (black for depression, white eyes for the soul, and a red tear for each death).
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Notice: I am not a student at Virginia Tech.  I attend another university, but I do have relations with a community where some members do attend Virginia Tech as educators on Info Island and the surrounding sims in Second Life.  I state this because I’ve noticed a ton of hits to my blog coming from Kleine Zeitung.  It is hard to determine what is said about me, as I can’t determine the language.  I’m getting a general idea that they believe that I’m a student at Virginia Tech.

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