Events are Free Classifieds

January 10, 2010

Looking through the events in Second Life, a pattern starts to occur. The majority of events are simply classifieds. A classified listing is something separate from events, and has a starting fee of 50 L$/week. To get around the classified fee, it appears that many shop owners are listing them through events. An event has a maximum duration of three hours, so I keep seeing the same event listed repeatedly at different times throughout the day.

The majority of events do not even have the host showing up. It would be preferrable if I could see the number of people attending events that are currently in session. I am stuck with “show on map” for now. So far, I have only found classes and live music events to actually have anyone present. It makes sense, since those really are events.

One could argue that a sale is an event in its own. I would have to agree to a certain extent. Usually a sale is temporary and offered for a limited time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run out to a store in real life offering a game at midnight. However, a grocery store that advertises that it has the same prices every day doesn’t seem like an “event” to me.

To be honest, it appears that people are abusing the system here. It’s hurting the quality of Second Life in general. The other day, there was a review in the media by someone who complained that it was hard for them to find events with people. I can see how this could have been the case. There is a question though of how the Lindens would enforce event listings strictly for events.

One suggestion that I have is that if the host of the event does not show up for two events, then all future events scheduled by that host, and they are not permitted to schedule another event for at least a week. Also, you shouldn’t be able to schedule the same exact event/location from different event types.

Once last thing is mature content. If you have the PG content checked, and nothing else, there are still events showing up in which the context of the event is not PG. Go ahead and search for that word that begins with an “S”, has an “E”, and ends with an “X” for PG content only. I’m getting 99 matches and by the looks of it, only a small handfull should not be marked as adult events or a classified.

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I want a recount!

January 1, 2010

Dan SpiritWeaver contacted me asking if my countdown timer could reset itself. His need was for a karaoke timer to keep counting down 15 minutes of fame on its own for each performer. Neither the countdown timer, nor mini countdown timer did this. Since it was for a game, the mini countdown timer was the best item to upgrade since it is specifically targeted towards games with it’s “stop-watch” feature. I added an option to “loop” the countdown once it reaches zero. Dan was more than happy and invited me to take a look at his Videoke Karaoke Music Studio anytime. I took “Anytime” litterally and popped on over and startled him. The dancefloor brought back memories from one of my past relay for life campsites as it was comprised of a large turn table. I handed him a penny of Philip Linden to put on the needle, although I lacked supplies to help him tape it down.
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Get your A game on

December 17, 2009

I don’t know what to say about this place. It’s got to be the worst theme that I have seen yet. The “A” frame house usually reminds me of ski lodges and winter retreates. The steep roof is mainly to prevent snow buildup and falling ice cicles. These regions do not have any snow. They also appear to have some kind of cowboy or wild-west theme going on with a few horse drawn carts placed about as well as a bucket well. This place cries for help. With the dense population of houses, the rugged western memorabelia feels out of place.
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Freedom for the apples!

October 10, 2009

I decided to head on over to octoberville and check it out. I haven’t been here for years. The last time I came down here, I got a laptop and a filing cabinet in 2006. A few things have changed since then. The scavenger hunt has grown a bit and seems to have a story associated with it. Some rooms will not work unless you solve puzzles in others. There is also a role-play aspect to it and some puzzles need more than one person to help you out. It’s a long game. The lag isn’t any help either. That has got to be the worst part of it. I guess that is why they say it will take a few days to complete the hunt.
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My appearance on The First Question

September 24, 2009

This past Tuesday, I made an appearance on episode 66 of the first question game show as a contestant. Other contestants were Chase Marellan, Chimera Cosmos, and Pim Peccable. Watch the show, cheer me on, and see who wins.

Dedric Mauriac on The First Question 22Sep09

Contestant on the First Question

September 22, 2009

Pooky is going through the run-down of hwo the game is played.
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How to create a conspiracy

January 10, 2009

I’ve been really getting creating with the different skins for my UFO’s. I’ve started using a combination of ArtRage, Adobe Photoshop, and AvPainter. This is really getting to be a lot of fun. Each UFO is a blank canvas to doodle and draw on. It really helps that I have a tablet as well. I would never be able to do this stuff with a mouse. I’ve worked a bit more on the idea of how my game will work, and I believe I think I’ve made it much easier to hash-out and get going. I’m still designing stuff and thinking along the way. It’s going to involve a lot of things that all need power. What better way then to get it from renewable energy sources? Well, back to work!
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