Don’t forget the door

December 24, 2009

I started to build a dock, which then started to become a little fort. I scratched it and started to build a marina in my old style with blue and white gradients. I set it up in a fashion of 5mx5m modules. Once I finished one section, I was able to copy it to another part of the building. Some modules were able to use existing ones and modify a corner or extend the floor. In all my fun, I forgot to build a door, and am now trapped within my home. Well, how hard can it be to build a door?
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July 13, 2009

Indigo Paperclip contacted me regarding a new website for avatar fashion promoting Acedia Albion’s clothing line. Indigo is one of the people who I met through the Mr O show that was hosted at the Acedia Super Deck in Bolinas. Indigo is usually at quite a few of Acedia Albion’s events as well where she does photo shoots, machinima and fashion. Tonight I got some hair along with the promo package for the new site asking to promote the new site. Aren’t I spiffy?
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AvPainter and Mapping Photorealistic Textures

December 25, 2008

I’m starting to look into making clothing as a possible stream of new income in Second Life. The benefits are that people do not need to own land in order to use the product. My other products (gadgets) often require land with available prim space in order to work.

I started searching for swim suite/club models to work with photorealistic textures. I wanted to find something tight-fitting that would not need additional prims to look good (such as a dress, boots, frilly shirts, etc.). I found a One Piece Rio Swim Suit at Liquid Vinyl Clothing that may do the trick. I choose it because it had additional holes that allowed me to see visual markers to help with the mapping to a model.

The original templates provided by Linden Lab for creating clothing and skins were horrible. Today, they offer better templates provided by Chip Midnight. I hadn’t realized that they updated their templates and went with the Avatar UV templates by Robin Wood. I had used the templates a few times in the past and was comfortable with how much detail and help they offered along with many other Second Life Tutorials by Robin Wood. I was familiar with Robin Woods artwork outside of Second Life. I often use one of my favorite tarot card decks, the Robin Wood Tarot.

Using Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, I was able to start morphing the swim suite model to cover different points of the UV maps. Once a texture is mapped, designers often had to attempt an upload in the past to see a preview to determine if the clothing appeared correct. There were rumors that you could use Poser to load up an avatar mesh and preview the textures. I purchased the program, but was a bit confused with the setup to even attempt to load my own mesh and map textures. Other folks who design software have created tools to help speed up this preview/creation process without the use of Second Life until the final texture is ready. The first that I had found in the past was the freely available SL Clothes Previewer. I wasn’t able to find the software at the original site or on my network storage device, so I started looking at more options. (Update: Found a link to the original files on TATS blog on the post, SL Clolthes Previewer).


Desktop of AvPainter and Photoshop to create swimwear for Second Life

Desktop of AvPainter and Photoshop to create swimwear for Second Life

The next item to help out designers is AvPainter. The AvPainter software lets you not only preview textures, but also allows you to paint directly onto the model. Their is a free demo version that prevents you from saving – but it’s enough to give the same functionality (if not more) as the SL Clothes Previewer. Drawing directly on the model was very helpful with being able to not only see where I went wrong, but to start making corrections.


The software also lets you use layering for each part of the clothing. I had a skin layer, a UV map layer, and then the actual swimsuite layer. I was able to draw on the swimsuite without affecting the other layers. A tablet is a must-have for this software. I personally find the pen to be much better when working in 3D. The addition of pen sensitivity in the image also gives an added benefit.

AvPainter comes with a default UV Mesh as the base. It’s great for seeing the mapped parts, but horrible for getting an idea of what body parts are where. I started hunting for skin to go under the swim suite. I found a post by Vint Falken about free full perm female skin textures by Eloh Eliot . Eloh Eliot posted many different skins as PSD files with many layers showing how the skins are built up. I found that loading up the PSD in AvPainter with all the layers started having an effect on memory. I flattened all of the skin layers so that the PSD eventually only had 3 layers. Skin, UV Map (15% opacity) and Swimwear. It worked perfectly. I could visually see how the clothing would appear on a fully skinned model with a hint of UV mapping.


Although you can smudge the image in AvPainter, it leaves much to be desired in the realm of moving the mesh to prevent smudging. I had to keep going back to photoshop to stretch/distort/warp/liquify the image a little each time and then come back to the AvPainter. I may even have to go back and work with the Morpheus Photo Warper a bit to help with the morphing as well. However, I’ve had trouble in the past with it since it is not originally meant to morph images in this way. It is often used to morph one image into another; not to morph the mesh of an existing image.

At first glance, I showed my wife and she was amazed at what I had done in a couple of hours. Then the critic in me started pointing out the problems to her. Shapes did not appear correct. Holes that appeared as ovals on the original model started to look egg shaped or too circular in my version. The back of the model was not showing enough detail for me to map. The left side didn’t map well either and I had to duplicate and flip the right side of her, giving an odd mirroring effect. Clasps sat against the skin which would eventually require prims on models with large chests.

I suppose it is a good first start, but it leaves much to be desired. The optimal model would offer a front, side, and back view strait on with hands stretched out to the side. It would be easier to map the photos to the UV templates. However, I have never seen any models like this in photographs. They are often at an angle, and only sometimes show the back. The lighting often changes for the back because the camera man is usually in the same area where the model simply turned around. Even better would be if the model was wearing a catsuit of an avatar mesh under the clothing. I can’t have everything.

Relay for Life Fashion Show

March 22, 2008

TheDiva Rockin (of Fasion Police and The Broad Cast) and Daphne Abernathy (Of Stylecast and Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara) give live comentary as models strut their stuff on the catwalks covering four simes. Tamara Kirshner (Also with GBDT) is a model on the catwalk today.
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New Acedia Magazine

March 22, 2008

Acedia had a launch event for her magazine today – Avatar fashion by Acedia Issue 1. Orange Montagne from the Mr O Show was a DJ at the event while Acedia Albion took photos and videos of avatars for upcomming magazines and machinima. Mr O has some events in the future lined up for his show and is working with me to setup a future show to benefit RFL of SL.
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Domus R/C

January 13, 2008

Kyra Mulligan invited me to rent a shop over at Metropolis Mall. I started to look around the place in the hope that I would find some gadget shops. Most stores are full of fashion, and I’m starting to prefer to stick with my own kind. I found SophCreations Scripts & Gadgets standing next to Domus R/C. The R/C shop was setup really nice. It had a small race track covering teh stores floor along with some radio controlled cars. The White Tolus 7 N Race RC looks really wild. There is also an R8, a Lambo canTouch, and a Ferraro 308 GTB. I wonder if the race track comes with the car or if there is a regularly occuring contest where people can meet up and race.
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Acedia’s Photo Shoot

February 24, 2007

I arrived a bit late to the Acedia Super Deck where Acdedia Albion herself was taking photos. Anyone who was wearing one of her outfits could pose for her to be in the next book – Avatar Fashion Volume Five. Although most of the party was over, I was able to run into Analogue Montagne, Orange Montagne, and Acedia.
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