Forgotten Wars

February 5, 2010

I talked with Ina Centaur for quite a while last night about her primtings museum and the possibility of creating a piece of art. The idea behind her primtings museum is that people are inspired by real-life artwork, and then build their own interpretations in the virtual environment. The name “primtings” is a prim’d painting. I’ve hunted through many pieces of artwork and finally found one that called out to me. It is “Guerre Dimenticate” by Viale Susanna. It’s itallian for Forgotten Wars.

The painting could be interpreted for different wars in my mind. The first that called out to me was the Natzi concentration camps with the pile of skulls. There is also a history of slavery in the United States where many slaves were treated with no value other than for hard labor. The wars in the middle east seem to be forgotten, and the mention of mass graves of the dead are vaguely in my memories. I imagine that there are also many wars and events that I never hear about, but they are a reality for many people.

I was able to build a quick mockup of the painting with skulls and a yellow wall. The hardest part was to get the position rite for the person to look over and have their hand out towards the skulls. Anyone can walk up to the piece and sit down so that they too are a part of the art.

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NaNoWriMo gets social

November 1, 2009

I was helping out Ina Centaur tonight with her NaNoWriMo counter. She and I worked together to create a way to update twitter as people enter their word count into the clock. Now our status’s show up at With that done, I have a few scripts to look over and find out where some calculations may be off on the back-end. I’ll leave that for tomorrow.
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Side note: I found this site to be helpful for random names –

A petition for loyal sim owners

August 16, 2008

A few of us (Ina Centaur and London Dailey) were talking about a few things tonight and somehow we came to the topic regarding the costs of running a full sim versus open sims on a dedicated server. A little over a year ago, the costs for sims in SL were raised an additional 100 US$ per month for private region owners only. The prices on the mainland remained the same. I started a petition to ask the Lindens to remove the 100 US$ tax after the first year of continuous payments on up to one sim. More details can be found on the tier loyalty petition.
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SimulBot Beta – Act 1, Scene 1

February 10, 2008

Ina Centaur pointed me over to the Hamlet on SL Production Blog when I asked here about her past experiments with Hamlet. Much to my surprise, the Hamlet blog had a calling for people who owned their own region to help them do a SmulBot cast of their live show on February 28th starting at 6PM. Well, you know me. I love all kinds of things built with bots. This BotSL seems pretty interesting as well. I put in an application to offer a spot for their show.
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You’ve been been tagged!

December 7, 2007

I got tagged and it’s my turn to post eight random things about myself to my blog and then tag eight people whom I would like to know more about.

  1. I don’t have blue hair in RL
  2. I like down-tempo trip-hop music
  3. I have had 3 ablation procedures on my heart
  4. I am hapily married
  5. I love black olives
  6. I don’t have $1 million
  7. I love my grandmother
  8. I played the trumpet and piano

Don’t blame me. Blame Stella Costello for tagging me. My 8 are:

  1. aEoLuS Waves
  2. Crap Mariner
  3. Cylindrian Rutabaga
  4. DrFran Babcock
  5. ELLiebob Bean
  6. Gomem Desoto
  7. Ina Centaur
  8. Torley Linden

Now it is your turn! Go forth and blog/vlog/podcast …
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