Cisco Systems Data Sort Game

June 16, 2008

My super-duper top secret game is finally ready to go public. Banana Stein (who reported on it earlier), asked me to come up with a game concept. I came up with three ideas (Apple Sauce, Full Service, and Toe Jam) that were not quite the norm compared to most games on the Second Life grid. He came back with some changes to the Apple Sauce game and renamed it to “Data Sort” and told me it was for Cisco. Centered around the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router, players hunt for data packets and bring them to the router to be sorted. The game is about to get the final review tomorrow witht he Cisco folks before going live.
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Here is a video of some of the earlier development.

Here is an image of the pads that each player stands on to identify what role they will play in the game. You can choose to be a seeker, feeder, or sorter.

These are the Cisco ASR 1000 routers that sort the packets. The sorter clicks on the correct router to choose where the packet should go.

Here are the controls that display the current players, score, and the remaining time. The pipes on the side have packets that jump out every five seconds.

This is the top view looking down at the game area. Once the game begins, the seeker runs into packets and unloads them on the spindle area on the right. The feeder picks them up, runs across all arrows, and unloads them on the left where the sorter looks at each one to sort.

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