Forgotten Wars

February 5, 2010

I talked with Ina Centaur for quite a while last night about her primtings museum and the possibility of creating a piece of art. The idea behind her primtings museum is that people are inspired by real-life artwork, and then build their own interpretations in the virtual environment. The name “primtings” is a prim’d painting. I’ve hunted through many pieces of artwork and finally found one that called out to me. It is “Guerre Dimenticate” by Viale Susanna. It’s itallian for Forgotten Wars.

The painting could be interpreted for different wars in my mind. The first that called out to me was the Natzi concentration camps with the pile of skulls. There is also a history of slavery in the United States where many slaves were treated with no value other than for hard labor. The wars in the middle east seem to be forgotten, and the mention of mass graves of the dead are vaguely in my memories. I imagine that there are also many wars and events that I never hear about, but they are a reality for many people.

I was able to build a quick mockup of the painting with skulls and a yellow wall. The hardest part was to get the position rite for the person to look over and have their hand out towards the skulls. Anyone can walk up to the piece and sit down so that they too are a part of the art.

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Primtings Campaign

February 4, 2010

Ina Centaur sent me a book about a Primtings Campaign. She has a museum of many pieces of work that represent real life art. Some of the pieces are interactive. To help support the museum, she is starting a campaign to raise funds for the year.

For a kind donation, you can get you name listed as a patron. More incentives are available for more funds, such as an invitation for you and a guest to an exclusive patrons party, a calendar, “sponsored by” entries in an ad strip, an ad on a white strip in the building, an autographed museum shot, exclusive-access, and more.

Much of the artwork in the museum can also be seen on the primtings website as well as some news about new pieces of art.

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Cromutate: Interactive Random Art

January 24, 2010

Opensource Obscure referred me to this project a while back. I got a chance to look at it, and I must say that it is interesting, confusing, wierd, brilliant, and amazing all at once.

So what is it exactly? Apparently, it’s a build that is randomly generated, changes over time, and changes with your own interactions. It seems to have a mind of it’s own at times. As you walk towards some objects, they change in size. Others light up, and yet others cause other objects to appear as you step on them. As I stood still, I saw some things happen over time without interaction.

Opensource also has a web form for Cromutate that allows you to influence the system.

One of the things that makes this possible is the recent HTTP-in methods that allow scripters to turn objects into miniature web servers. Anyone, regardless if they have an account for the platform or not, is able to have an influence on the artwork.

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The Comment Box

January 10, 2010

The comment box was perhaps one of my first big projects in Second Life. The earliest copy that I have in my inventory is from January 1st, 2006. I was making something that could hold notes from visitors and let people see the titles.

Over the years, the comment box has had many changes and updates. Zakk Starr asked me if I had any updates since version 1.9 that he got a few years ago. I handed him a copy of 1.13. I was curious myself and took a look at the newer version.

Oddly enough, I was unfamiliar with a ton of new features that I had put into it. This feeling is the same with most projects that I work on in real life and the virtual world. I move onto so many things very quickly that I forget what I have done.

It’s now smaller in height, but anyone can resize it. The newest model only uses 3 prims instead of 7. Two of them are sculpties. You can choose different textures for the box itself that change both the text and color. A technique has been used so that each individual texture actually contains 16 images, so there is one texture for each color, but all images have the same text. There is only 1 script instead of four. Scripts are compiled in mono. You can adjust privacy settings so that people may or may not see titles of note cards, or get the notecard itself. An access list allows you to control who else may adjust the settings on the comment box as well. Improvement in determining who dropped in a note card, rather than looking at the creator of the note card alone. The owner is sent an instant message as new notes are dropped along with the name of the person, note, and a slurl.

The comment box has come a long way since it’s inception. Previous the the comment box, there was an art easil that I made to display my real life artwork. The earliest copy that I can find of it is version 1.3 from December 31st. I’m sure I made a few before that. The easil is closely related due to how it was able to read the information from note cards and images, display that information as hovertext, and give out note cards. It also cycled through the paintings on it’s own.

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15 Groovy Records

July 23, 2007

I’ve got 15 records setup from musicians within Second Life for our Groovy Scavenger Hunt. Dawn DeSimone sent in four songs that kept me busy most of the afternoon. Each record has its own artwork affixed to the cover of it to help tell them appart and personalize them. There is still time for other musicians to get in on this before the Relay for Life event kicks off this weekend. It’s all free and I need a 10 second sound clip to sample each song.
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Building Sculpties In-World

July 22, 2007

I am attending a demonstration of the Sculpt-O’Matic today. It works even better then I had thought. I purchased the product yesterday and started playing, but I’m glad I attended this training session. It makes more sense now and I am aware of more features then I had originally known about. This demonstration is in The Sculpty Garden where there are a ton of Sculpty’s on display – not to mention a bunch of rocks. Lots of relief artwork is here as well.
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Far Sight Galleries of Art

June 21, 2007

I arrived at this art gallery in the middle of a drum circle. It was beautiful to watch the dancers in the middle wave there sticks of fire before my eyes. I took a walk around the grounds and found many galleries of different artists who had their own artwork out for display. Many of the pieces can be purchased in-world to put on display in your own virtual home in Second Life. Back into the courtyard a wide range of interesting eclectic music was playing that really added to the experience when looking at different pieces.
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