Emotions With Less Effort

December 31, 2009

I took a look at the Emotional HUD and started working on an update. The first thing to do was to compile all the scripts in Mono. This decreased the time from an average of 0.027 down to 0.021. It’s about a 22% increase in performance. I went ahead and started using UV touch mapping to detect which picture the end-user clicked. This allowed me to remove 5 prims as well as 5 scripts. I also moved all of the touch commands from the pictures and arrows into the root prim, allowing me to remove two additional scripts (back/next). The overall performance is now setting at an average of 0.011 (almost 60% increase in performance), with less prims (7 prims instead of 12). There are additional features comming to LSL script that would help me out in reducing the overall number of scripts used – specifically llSetLinkPrimitiveParams and the new properties for PRIM_TEXT (SVC-5168). Still, an object only using 0.011 is very light weight. I may eventually change the look of the object as well. Currently it’s a pretty significan’t size as a HUD attachment. Anyone can resize it, but I’m thinking more or less a way to make it easier to use in general.
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Pointing in the right direction

August 28, 2008

After speaking with a few people, I decided to add arrows to my search results. It appears that some people may not see particles, or that they are hard to see. In this case, the arrow serves as an additional visual indicator as to what direction the product is located. An additional note, I found that the search engine was not responding to me at all. I need to discover what had locked it up. It is in beta after all, but I would prefer if these things simply worked.
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Hit me with anything!

August 16, 2008

Whimsy Goode found my store after viewing one of my products on SL Exchange. She had the same trouble as many of my customers. She couldn’t find the product that she wanted. While I am working on ways around this, I took a break and came to assist. I showed her where the victorian dunking booth was. She had a custom request so that she could hit it with arrows. A small modification and it was instantly ready to be hit with anything. She looked for other games that would fit a medievil theme, but none were available. My new task is to work on a game of Skeet that she can shoot arrows at.
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Cisco Systems Data Sort Game

June 16, 2008

My super-duper top secret game is finally ready to go public. Banana Stein (who reported on it earlier), asked me to come up with a game concept. I came up with three ideas (Apple Sauce, Full Service, and Toe Jam) that were not quite the norm compared to most games on the Second Life grid. He came back with some changes to the Apple Sauce game and renamed it to “Data Sort” and told me it was for Cisco. Centered around the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router, players hunt for data packets and bring them to the router to be sorted. The game is about to get the final review tomorrow witht he Cisco folks before going live.
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Here is a video of some of the earlier development.

Here is an image of the pads that each player stands on to identify what role they will play in the game. You can choose to be a seeker, feeder, or sorter.

These are the Cisco ASR 1000 routers that sort the packets. The sorter clicks on the correct router to choose where the packet should go.

Here are the controls that display the current players, score, and the remaining time. The pipes on the side have packets that jump out every five seconds.

This is the top view looking down at the game area. Once the game begins, the seeker runs into packets and unloads them on the spindle area on the right. The feeder picks them up, runs across all arrows, and unloads them on the left where the sorter looks at each one to sort.

3D Model Explained

February 24, 2008

I originally created a 3D model of just the joint connecting with a strip of LED lights. Later I added an additional strip that was not yet connected and had arrows indicating that you should put and turn the piece into place. Things continued to progress over time. In the end, I had some text explaining each feature such as weatherproffing gaskets, leads to let the power flow through the pieces, LED’s, an adjustable angel, and the actual words, “Push and Turn”. The new Glow feature in the windlight client really helps make those LEDs glow. I doubt that any of the judges will be using the windlight client. Hopefully the pictures I sent in will help them see the lights glow.
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OnRez offers eight panel vendors in limited beta

January 19, 2008

Jade Lilly told me that they were working on an 8 panel display when I saw him at SLCC 2007. I kept my eye out on the onrez products for a while and essentially lost interest. I found out last night that the displays are actually out now in beta.

The great thing about panel displays is that people can see that I do sell other products within the same vendor. For some reason, they don’t click on the arrows in regular vendors, but rather scan around and simply assume I don’t sell anything else, or that all the vendors are showing the same product list. The panels show them more products at once in each package list.

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Waiting in line to camp

December 23, 2007

I was over at the purple parrot and noticed a large pile of green arrows pointing up nearby. I went over to check it out and found a cascino in the sky. The impressive part was when I approved a large group of zombie campers. Standing to the side of someone in line to grab a seat once it became available. They are shy of being a year old by 5 days, so it can’t be attributed to them being a newbie. Does that mean that the chairs pay that well? They payout seemed pretty standard. 2 L$ for every 10 minutes. Perhaps all of the other camping sites are getting overcrowded.
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