This will be an area pointing to blog posts that are helpful for different topics. I have already written about a few, but for now, here is a list of what I would like to put here.

Full articles:

  1. How to blog from within second life.

Blog posts:

  1. Marketing for virtual businesses in second life.
  2. How to get visitor metrics for your parcel, shop, or event.
  3. How to setup a quick way to take snapshots professionally for selling products.

Information I’d like to get around to:

  1. Creating movies known as Machinima.
  2. Working with software to make textures.
  3. Different ways to make Sculpties.
  4. Broadcast video of your second life real-time.
  5. Tips for scripting with the Linden Scripting Language.
  6. How to create your own private grid to run second life behind corporate firewalls.
  7. Social media sites oriented towards second life.
  8. How to start making linden dollars quickly and honestly.
  9. How to protect your intellectual property.
  10. Getting a handle on particle effects.
  11. Skinning the second life clients interface.
  12. Working with the mechanics of vehicles.
  13. Making photo-realistic skins from real photographs.
  14. Basics of live podcasting in second life with real-time audio streaming of voice chat.
  15. Suggestions for comment events.

2 Responses to Guides

  1. katerinakirax says:

    There are quite a few listed that I would definitely read if you wrote them!

  2. I’m still getting around to them … 🙂 very busy person i am.

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