Junk 101: How to sell it


I have quite a few items in my shop. A few of them seem to be “dated junk” in my eyes. They never sell. I had considered just removing them from my store all together as I felt that they were embarassing. It appears that my price markdown a couple weeks back has had an affect. Lots of people are buying my junk compared to previous reports. It’s super cheap, but it’s still some L$ comming my way that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. So lesson learned. Ones junk is anothers treasure – for the rite price. I have this hope that if more people purchase from me, there is more potential that someone will come back. Maybe I can make a report to tell me, and how quickly after the first sale.

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2 Responses to Junk 101: How to sell it

  1. I see more and more “fair price” or “pay what you like” vendors popping up, and the few merchants I asked seem quite hapy with them.

  2. I hadn’t thought of that. That sounds like a great idea to try out. I’ve purchased a few indie bundles of games like that.

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