Where was your first land?


Back in 2005, I purchased my “First Land” in Dagger. I’ve since moved on to bigger parcels, but I keep returning to take a look every now and then. I used to walk around meeting many of the people who lived in the region and even made a land scanner to find owners. Today I saw the place where Twisted Tardis used to live up on auction. He was the first who seemed to have disappeared, but his build of planets seemed to remain forever. Days seem like weeks in this place. Many of us began to worry and soon talked about our memories of him. I remember the day when he told me how everything was disappearing from our grid. Thankfully the Lindens got things back up and running. I still miss the guy.

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4 Responses to Where was your first land?

  1. Amanda Vanness says:

    I had a 512 plot on the eastern edge of the mainland sea about 5 years ago. It had a lovely view that couldn’t be blocked thanks to my friends help in finding it and their patiently waiting while I dug out a credit card and got registered and finally managed to buy it. It seemed to take forever! Then they gave me a 2-prim, lovely purple and pink translucent Genie bottle to live in! The first prim I ever made was a round prim for a floor.

    I used to spend hours and hours watching the sun rise and set from the lip of my bottle house as the neighbors came and went. It was fun to watch and talk to the variety of people that dropped in or walked by and get to know them all. When friends teleported in, they fell into the bottle Zooooop, then flew up and joined me on the lip and watched the sunrises with me. I even wrote down when the suns set and rose and figured out it was a 4 hour cycle so I wouldn’t miss it.

    Then someone pointed out that i could just flip a switch and see the sunset anytime, which ruined that for me for years and years!

  2. I really enjoyed your feedback Amanda. My neighbor had some planets floating up in the sky, so I had built an observation deck just hovering above the clouds to watch the planets as the sun set behind them. The community was so closely knit together back then. There was so much magic about the unknown. I used to seek out my neighbors and have some pretty interesting conversations with them. They were from all walks of life, and lead me onto meeting more new and interesting people. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that feeling of when it all began. Going back home is never the same in both worlds. I only see what was, and what is not with a bit of sadness.

  3. Thor Eldrich says:

    I went in-world for the first time in quite a while tonight. My home point is still my First Land, in Leafroller. No matter what property I owned or where I “lived” I never moved my home point away from my first land. It’s the place I learned to build, my 0,0 coordinates, my favorite hangout. I have no idea what it would take for me to give that little plot up.

    A plot next to my property has been vacant for years. I grumble sometimes that the owner never returned my IM offers to buy him out. Then I remember it was probably his First Land and leave it be.

  4. I often wish I had kept my first land. I sold it so I could afford to move close to my friend who lived in Higgins. I had been spending so much time over there, that I hadn’t really spent any time in Dagger any longer. I got a good deal on the land at the time. Many people with first land were actually scammed out of it because the low price influenced them in thinking that all land was that low.

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