Viewer 2.7.1 has Shadows

Wow. I can’t believe shadows are finally here. I remember back in the day when people started finding code for them in the source code. Afterwards, people found ways to get them up and running through ther viewers, in which Kirsten’s Viewer was the virst. Later you could do it through the debug settings in the official browser, but I had problems getting shadows to work. When I did get them to work a year later, I had problems getting them to show up in snapshots. This is probably going to have just as much impact as windlight.

I’ve already found a few problems with it. The first is transparency. It seems that if an object is not transparent, or up to 39% transparency, it will cast a full shadow. Any higher and the object does not cast a shadow at all. Here is an example of some objects ranging in transparency in 10% steps. You can see the hard cutoff in the middle.

I opened a ticket for this – Full shadow for 39% transparency, no shadow for 40% (VWR-26011). One of the other things you’ll notice is that my objects are colored. If light passes through red glass, you would only expect to see red light coming through on the other side. I can’t tell if this is working since we only have solid or no shadow at all.

The next thing I had a problem with was the depth that shadows take away from objects. A shadow removes all depth to the object, even if it was shiny (to which you can’t tell if an object is shiny or not if it is in a shadow). The only exception was for objects with “full bright” turned on. Oddly enough, a full bright object does not receive a shadow from the world, but has its own shadow (if it is shiny) and gets darker if it is really, really shiny.

In the image, I have four sets of objects with each ranging from not shiny to very shiny. Sets on the bottom are covered with a shadow. Sets on the right are “full bright”.


I opened a ticket for this – Shadows remove depth from round objects (VWR-26013).

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