Lossless Sculpties


I recall when scupties first came out, it was pretty hard to get objects imported with near perfection. I was reminded of this again tonight when I forgot to check the lossless compression when uploading a table I had made with the prim oven. I got what appeared to be a spider web of sorts with a garbled up table (right). My 12 prim table (left) is now just one sculpty (middle). Although some of the edges appear to be a little rounded. It should be okay though. I don’t want to be sued if a kid splits their head open if they fall down onto the edge of the legs.

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4 Responses to Lossless Sculpties

  1. So whats your impression of the prim oven? It looks like it did a great job. Was it easy to use?

    • The prim oven is easy to use. I was impressed in the process of how images are generated. It’s actually fully in-world. No third party involved. If you use lots of prims, it is harder to texture objects. Templates are only provided for low-prim objects. It’s simple to use, but is limited. I would like to see more features included, such as “hollow”.

  2. Thankx, I am gonna get it to reduce some prim junk I have laying around.

    There’s never gonna be a hollow in a sculpt. Meshes will change everything, though.

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