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I started looking around at the market place for some ideas and found this nice looking product that helps build simple shapes into complex sculpties. You can use a combination of 16 cylindars and cubes to make a model, and then it spits out html for you to create an image.

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  1. Yes I have one and they are very cool. Using them is not exactly straightforward — there’s some cutting and pasting of code from the screen to any app that will generate the sculptie map from HTML, then you have to paste and save the map with a graphics program for it to work (I use EditPlus then Paint.Net) — but once you get the routine down it’s pretty easy.

    There are limitations of both type and number of prims, but if you are clever you can reduce a 30+ object down to 4-6 prims. Added plus, you can do the cutting/pasting from the screen for free (of course) in Second Life, then upload the resultant sculptie map for free on OpenSim for building.

    • With Google Chrome, I was able to right-mouse-click and save as image. The creator also makes something called “cord maker” that works in a similar fashion. It seems that there are many tools out there for making sculpts, but with specific strengths that others can’t do.

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