A trophy of an idea

Do you or someone you know host many contests? Do you give out awards, trophies, medals, or plaques?

I’m debating on making and selling trophies for people to give out as awards. Since it is all online, I wanted to build up a system where you could see who has been awarding and receiving trophies. Anyone can purchase a trophy and award it for any given reason. In turn, I could have a news feed and/or publish the awards to Face Book.

So, the question I’m debating is if such a system would be beneficial. Are you interested in this system? I have lots of questions and need a few stakeholders that can tell me what they would need to make this work for them. I’m working at this idea with agile development in mind. I would like to get input from anyone who would purchase, award, or receive a trophy. We may exchange instant messages or email from time to time, as well as getting a few freebies along the way during each demonstration phase.

Here is a teaser of some user stories for the project:

  1. I can purchase a trophy
  2. I can browse available trophies
  3. I can see what is engraved on a trophy
  4. I can verify that a trophy is authentic
  5. I can see who has been awarded a trophy
  6. I can see who has awarded a trophy
  7. Trophies can be paid via L$
  8. Trophies can be paid via PayPal
  9. As an owner, I can award a blank trophy
  10. As the awarder and owner, I can clear a trophy inscription
  11. As the awarder, I can publish the trophy to Face Book
  12. As an awardee, I can choose to hide my trophies
  13. As an awardee, I can publish my trophy to Face Book

3 Responses to A trophy of an idea

  1. […] Trophy Prototype Filed under: virtual environment by Lewis Moten (inSL: Dedric Mauriac) — Leave a comment August 1, 2010 Today I created a prototype of what a trophy may look like in my trophy system. […]

  2. Ferd says:

    The facebook and web page idea would make me consider it. depends upon the cost per trophy.

  3. Arif Emor says:

    I personally don’t have a need, but I think there are many who would benefit from this system in the metaverse,such as:
    Second Football League in Second Life (SFL), shown on Treet TV. See their ad on this SLCC page: http://slconvention.org/docs/slcc2010_webprogram_full.pdf
    Some virtual clubs might welcome this system as an alternative to giving cash prizes in their contests.
    Second Pride, the annual Gay Pride of SL.

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