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Crash Prefect contacted me about his use of my Texture Mapper software (with free demo). He co-owns a MMORPG game called DarkLife. The first thing that they used my texture mapper for was an upgrade shop. The shop uses only one texture (512×512), but is very detailed and composed of many prims. Even the logs inside the shop use the texture as well as a chair and a rug with showdows. The only thing that uses a separate texture appears to be a pile of hay. It’s impressive, and exactly the sort of thing that I intended the software to be used for to help cut down bandwidth, lag, and upload fees.

A picture of the interior view of the DarkLife upgrade shop. All textures are composed of one texture. Only a portion of the texture is displayed on each face.

Here you can see how Crash Prefect had laid out each “smaller” texture. The texture mapping program allows you to select the smaller texture and tells you the settings that you need to apply to each face to show only the selected area as an individual texture. You can see where some of the textures were used in various places in the interior of the building.

After speaking with Crash, he noted that the hay was originally part of the texture, but had to be separated because he needed to use an alpha mask. Using textures with alpha transparency on buildings would cause a lot of alpha clipping, so the texture was separated.

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  1. It really should be a built in feature of secondlife, works really well!

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