SFG – Finding Supplies

I started gathering supplies for the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) method. I spent about 45 dollars so far. Here is what I found: 2″x6″x8′ studs (2 * 4.72 = 9.44), 1″x1/4″x4′ popular wood (6 * 1.72 = 10.32), 3CF pete moss (8.96), Cow manure (5.77), Premium manure (2.47), and 3’x50′ Weed Free Premium Fabric (13.97). I still need to find some Vermiculite and three other types of compost before I can start on Mels Mix. I ran around four different stores looking for materials, but came up a bit short. I think I’ll start looking up local nursaries and make a few calls this comming week. At least I will not have to hunt down soil in the future unless I want to make a few more gardens.

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