Completed FFXIII

I just finished off the end-boss in Final Fantasy 13. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. It may be about time that I get back into the groove of working with Second Life in my spare time again.

As far as the game play went, most of the game was spent waiting to start walking about in the world. The majority of the game is strait forward. You know which way to go, and you don’t have any other options really until it’s really late in the game. Grinding isn’t really needed until you start walking about in the world as well. When you do need to start grinding, there are times when all you do for days is just grind. I tried to go through all of the missions, but it appears that some of the monsters are too tough until after you beat the game. That’s pretty much the worst of it.

The game itself is stunning with it’s animated scenes, game play, and storyline. In fact, I had to hold back from tearing up in the end. Each character has been developed pretty deeply and they all intertwine with each other. Each enemy has some pretty tricky AI to figure out. The battle system is setup in such a way that you sometimes need to approach the battle in different configurations and strategies until you are successful. It’s pretty interesting, but at times can have you running to Google or YouTube to figure out what other people suggest to bring down certain foe. It’s mainly the bosses that you’ll need to run off and find information regarding a proper strategy. The last fight of the game was shockingly the easiest. I didn’t need to lookup information to win as my first attempt was over in no time at all.

I also tried to return to FFXI. I had it running on the PS3 and found it difficult to use the game. I finally got the hang of it, but it is pretty limited. I then tried to play it on the computer and found that it was even harder to work with. It’s definitely meant to be a console game. The graphics from FFXI look like they are done through software rendering. The textures on each face are not smooth and the lighting in each environment keeps making me think that there needs to be more contrast. I’m looking forward to FFXIV, as it will probably be developed with the PS3 in mind. Many changes have come through since it first debuted 2003.

Speaking of graphics, there was one thing that kept nagging at me when playing FFXIII. Textures with bits that seemed to glow would sort of pulsate as you walked. When you stopped walking, the glowing was static. It seemed to be more of a rendering fluke to me.

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