Interactive White boards

With the new features of Shared Media, we now have something that Teleplace (Qwaq) offers. An interactive white board. There are plenty of websites that offer white boards that allow multiple people to draw at once. There is Colorillo and Twiddla. Although Twiddla gives you more powerful features such as embedding content, text and images, I prefer Colorillo due to it’s simplistic nature. For those of you who can not draw, Timeless Prototype had introduced me to Your world of text some time ago that lets you write text.

One thing to be mindful of is that websites are able to pick up on where you are from based on your IP address, and may display that information to others. Colorillo displays each persons city/country information. In addition, white boards such as these could introduce mature or adult content without you being aware of it if you are not tending to it.

The picture that I drew here can be found at

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