My original attempt to view shadows in Second Life failed about a year ago. I figured that I needed to use a special viewer such as Kirstens viewer to do so. I’ve been noticing that my friend, Matthew Kidomen has been taking lots of photos for a while with Shadows. I looked up some instructions and found even the Alphaville Herald reported how to enable shadows in the Second Life viewer with the same steps that I previously took.

I decided to try it again, and it was like magic. I saw shadows everywhere. It seemed to slow my computer down quite a bit through. My FPS is down between seven and eight when standing still and goes down to a solid six when walking. Removing the settings had my FPS jumping back up in the thirties.

One interesting thing is that snapshot previews don’t seem to show the shadows. I’m doubting if I’ll see them in my blog post either when I send the final image. I’m hoping it will be available though. The place looks much better with shadows, even if it’s just for photo shoots.

Unfortunately, it appears that any texture with an alpha layer was removed from the snapshot.

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4 Responses to Shadows

  1. Kissowa says:

    No, the normal viewer won’t capture it in snapshots, that’s why you have to use the Kirsten viewer.

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