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I was helping out Hottie Something to get her skype status indicator working. Most people contact me about it with problems because their skype settings hide their status from the web. She didn’t know where she had gotten it, but the two of us are thinking that she may have gotten it from Help Island since it is one of six freebies that I have listed over there. We eventually got it working.

I looked up and noticed that she had a little display setup to view her website, twitter, avatars united, and facebook profiles on the web. It gave me an idea to create something that is easy to set these up along with more social network and social media sites. I was primarily focused on social networks related to Second Life, or those that many people who used the platform were aware of.

The majority of the work was just hunting down and creating icons for all of the networks. I eventually got 16 icons setup that seemed pretty popular and went to work on the script.

The product is customizable. Depending on where you touch, it looks up the associated text from a note card and sends it to you. If you change the texture, it will still read the note card just fine.

My guess is that not everyone has an account at all of these social networking and social media sites. If they are up to the challenge, they can replace the texture with sites that they belong to, as well as change the note card to say something else for the area of the texture that was clicked. The sites that I have included are:

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5 Responses to Social Media Board

  1. Kissowa says:

    I love this, I’m going to modify the texture to my needs and slap it up in my store. People love social media, one should ride the wave. 😉

    • It’s already setup in the shop. I’m debating on how I can make it look better though. A single prim seems a bit too simple.

      • Kissowa says:

        For someone who’d like to customize it, it would be easier to have each button as a prim. But then having buttons on each side would make it unnecessarily prim-heavy. It’s a tough call. I really like it though and one of these days I’ll get around to setting it up.

        • Very interesting, as that is what I had started to do today. I’m also thinking about making some of the icons more generic so people don’t come after me about copyright infringement or something.

          • Kissowa says:

            There are several public domain icon-sets on places like deviant art, most commonly used for websites and blogs. Usually the creators only want you to tell them what you’re using it for. Could be worth checking up. Thought I hardly think any social media would slap you for using their symbol, after all they rely on things like this to survive.

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