Remembering the old days

After finishing setting up some land that I had just acquired, I looked up at the map. It seems that I was next to the first sim that I had purchased land from. Actually, Dagger was my first sim that I purchased “first land”, but I moved out of there and purchased some land in Higgins.

I remember the feeling back then. It was a large amount of land. I believe it costed me about $75 US. I was debating if I should go for it or not. My friend owned land next to it, and I was hanging out with her debating on it. I had just gotten my tax return and decided it would be ok to splurge. I remember cleaning up the castle in which part of it came with the land, and other parts had to be returned to other people.

It’s been so long. Looking around, I can remember where I built certain things, and some of the ideas that I had. I remember the good times we had as well as the bad (suffering grid attacks).

They say that you can never go back. For anyone who tries, you are often disappointed by change. I knew that my friend had stayed in Higgins for a long time, but now even she is gone. Both her lot and mine is now owned by someone else, and it is empty. Surprisingly, the neighbors cave is still there.

Visit Higgins (20, 20, 144).

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