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I was talking with Prokofy Neva about the battery idea I had, and they pretty much shot it down. Prokofy pretty much brought up the problem that I wasn’t advertising. I had done quite a bit trying to advertise, setup many shops, but my store in search, do the commission catalog thing and run classifieds. It seemed like ot of work without getting anything in return.

I decided to try and go for it once more and set up shop on the main land next to a road. I now have the “show in search” marked, and a classified listing for the location. In addition, I’m marking up the land to a higher price for sale. I imagine if it sells, I would immediately make a good profit anyway that could enable me to expand. We’ll see what happens.

Visit Skegemog (10, 96, 112).

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  1. ArminasX says:

    I have yet to find any advertising mechanism that actually works predictably. Most of the obvious approaches fail miserably, at least for me, and invariably cost far more than the value received. The best technique seems to be word of mouth, but that’s entirely outside of your control. If you find something that works, let me know!

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