My freebies listed with NCI

Someone told me that they got my unfortunate cookie as a freebie over on help island. They went back to take pictures of it and showed them to me. I went over to the public versions of help island, but I couldn’t find them. I looked back at the pictures he showed me and noticed the New Citizens Incorporated logo (NCI) at the top. This was the first group I had ever joined in Second Life, primarily so I could set my home point to something other than ahern. I went on a search to find out where they were. I used to live accross the street from them in Ebisu in 2006, but it seems they had moved since then. I found them located not that far away in Kuula.

I soon found the vendor full of free items and found four items of mine that they were offering to people. The Texture Map Demo, Skype status indicator, Unfortunate cookie, category menu demo. It’s interesting that Help Island has more items then the public version. Impressive that people are happy to see my stuff and offer it to others.

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