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Long before I started blogging from within second life, I would often take many snapshots and post them to snapzilla. When different blogging services came along, they started to offer cross-posting capabilities. I would still post to snapzilla in addition to the blog services. It looks like snapzilla is now comming full circle in offering a solution to cross-posting.

Christiano has recently added support to not only post to Posterous, but to also post automatically without the need to log into the site for a manual post. There is a different address that you need to send your snapshots to (post at slpics dot com), as well as setting up your posterous email address in the control panel.

Posterous offers the ability to cross-post to other blogs as well. They support Facebook, twitter, flickr, picasa, youtube, vimeo, tumblr, blogtger, wordpress, xanga, and more. With this, I am now using snapzilla and posterous to post new content to my wordpress blog.

There is one little problem though. The posts do not include any information about where it was that I took the snapshot. Christiano is on top of it though. He’s working on features to support tagging and including slurls.

Why do I prefer snapzilla over bloghud? there is a simple answer. Quality. I have never seen an image posted more than once in my snapzilla library. In addition, every snapshot I have sent to snapzilla has always appeared on snapzilla. I can depend on snapzilla to process all of my images with accuracy. Snapzilla also stores the full size of the original image and has a way to dynamically request specific sizes as well. Snapzilla does not add their own watermark to my images. Snapzilla is not only the oldest (and first) service of its kind, but they also keep improving over the years. Did I mention Snapzilla is free? Snapzilla is free.

So I believe you can see why I am excited about this. As soon as slurls are sent to posterous, I’ll be 100% happy with that part of my blogging solution. I’ll need to update my tutorial on how to blog from second life to reflect these changes.

If anyone is wondering where I am, I am on Edloe (105, 16, 21).

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