Tribute to RHPS

Long, long ago, I used to watch the Rocky Horry Picture Show (RHPS) every Saturday night at midnight. This cult classic was released in the year I was born, and even in the 90’s when my friends brought me to it for the first time, I was hooked on the interactive aspect of the audience participation. We would often dress up to see RHPS. At the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh, two music videos “I Do The Rock” and “Paradise Garage” were always played before the film started.

There were many fun times that I had at the show, but those times are long gone. Oddly enough, it was this experience with RHPS in my life in which my wife discovered me through ICQ. I’ve attended one showing of RHPS in a virtual world since then, but it wasn’t exactly the same. Although it was pretty fun throwing cards and toilet paper. Recently someone showed me an old VHS movie that they made back in the 80’s as a tribute. He had taken a pile of old movies and put them together with music from the opening credits. It was a bit old and the switch between clips was pretty bad. He started working on a digitally remastered version and I was pretty impressed with what he had come up with. For any RHPS fan, as well as virgins, you may want to take a look at the Science Fiction – Double Feature (a tribute) video.

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