Texture Mapper Released

The texture mapper program has finally been released. The rubber band box has been improved, user interface fixed, and a few bugs addressed. I’ve also finished the registration form. I’ve had a couple of friends who need a program like this, so it was about time that I actually finished it up and made it available. I had started working on the Texture Mapper software about a year and a half ago, but had forgotten about it after running into problems with rotation. I have decided to clean it up and release it without rotation.

The texture mapper is a simple program that lets you click and drag your way to clipping your textures. With the texture mapper, you can use portions of a single image on different parts of your prims.

The classic example is my packaged box that I deliver products in. It is a single prim with one texture, but looks different from each angle. I saved 50 L$ because I only had to upload one image. It also helps to cut down on lag since people are not downloading extra images.

The software is free to try out and can be found on my box.net account. You’ll need to have .Net 3.5 installed as well as a Windows operating system. Download Texture Mapper today.

I also have the registration portion for Texture Mapper listed on XStreetSL. Once you rez the object in-world, it will give you your license information in order to register the software.

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2 Responses to Texture Mapper Released

  1. Toby Lancaster says:

    Hi Dedric!

    This is a really neat device. It beats using my other technique (trial and error). I now need to become better at drawing multiple pictures in one image file. I’m not finding GIMP particularly intuitive in several ways, but getting there slowly.

    This tool is also great at saving a few Lindens in upload fees. I know uploads only cost 10L$, but when you learn by making mistakes, it all adds up.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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