Babbage Linden Office Hours

A ton of us showed up for Babbage Linden’s office hours covering scripting and technology. So far he hasn’t shown his mug. Usually I’m not up this early on a Wednesday, but I took a vaction day due to the snow and was working late on a few things.

A few of us were debating on building Babbage a new office. Someone fell through one of his gears and suggested that there should be a prim that is invisible that they could walk on. We could build something, but it would only last 15 minutes due to auto return, and only 32 prims are available.

Aimee Linden showed up with an “off duty” group tag, but she admitted sadly that only her tag is off duty. From what others are saying, Babbage is often late to his meetings. After using his AVL scheduler (Always Very Late), he arrived 14 minutes late.

Babbage was late due to some Viewer 2.0 compiling issues, but had gotten them ressolved. He commented on an update to a Twitter script for OAuth. Perhaps I need to look into using OAuth instead of Base64 for my Twitter Box. Babbage mentioned that people should start moving away from asking for passwords and use the password anti-pattern. Babbage also commented on how it took him only 10 minutes to make a plug-in with c# that did the same thing for OAuth and Twitter since he had access to the System.Security.Cryptography library.

Someone mentioned that Google Buzz appears to be a new social network full of white noise.

As far as LSL updates, they are focusing on things that are more useful. For example, the llSetLinkedPrimitiveParamsFast is more useful than llSHA1String due to the number of people that will benefit from it. There are tons of feature requests for LSL, but the Lindens are not going to add functions that overlap what can be done in C#. It appears that there will be a big movement to go to C# once it is available and that LSL will become sort of a dead langauge. Why work with a language that isn’t supported?

Many bugs went across the screen during the meeting and Babbage seemed to be well aware of them or had some knowledge of some problems involved. One topic that came up with with a mono problem. [SVC-3895] Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS. Besides upgrading Mono for C#, Babbage also mentioned it would be upgraded for Big Scripts as well. Someone kept mentioning Firefly, and Babbage finally addressed it, saying he’s trying to make sure that Firefly will work with scripts downloaded from the world. Really interesting stuff. Apparently Firefly and Pixie Dust are mentioned often with the scripting improvements, big scripts, and C#. One resident commented that the use of tying Firefly to SL semantics was going to make the platform irrelivant to what VRAP (Virtual World Region Agent Protocol) does, but another commented that this may be an exageration since Firefly would do something similar in flash. There was also talk about packaging scripts and shipping them to other platforms to run, but it would take a ton of work.

Babbage Linden is talking with Gisele about publishing the C# API and showing some examples in his FOSDEM (Free and Open Source software developers Euopean meeting) talk (online soon).
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