Trying out Bletaverse

I had listed several services that made use of the Snapshot API. Amisha March told me of another called Bletaverse. The hud is free and it has a simple wizard to walk you through the different options. This is the first photo that I’m posting with Bletaverse. It should appear on my Bletaverse Page along with a previous text message and land mark.

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2 Responses to Trying out Bletaverse

  1. Jan Maroon says:

    Welcome to Bletaverse!

    • Thanks. One thing I have noticed is that my own blog on the Bletaverse has problems showing hyperlinks. I usually include links to software, slurls, web pages and more, but it looks funny when I do this. Rather than stripping out HTML tags, the designer of the site just removes any occurrence of “<a". It tends to look weird because part of the HTML code shows through. Other than that, they have some interesting concepts. I like how I can see the number of views my blog got, as well as a story board aggregating all blogs.

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