Traffic Cones

It looks like I stumbled upon another traffic generator program. This time it is with cones. It’s pretty simple. Anyone who touches a cone gets a link to a location. Once I arrived, I needed to find the next cone. Touch the cone and a captcha is in place where you need to press the dialog button that matches a four digit code displayed as hovertext at the base of the cone. You need to stick around for 11 minutes before you are paid 2 L$, and receive a link to the next location. One of the handy things is that it continues to notify you every minute of how much time is left

This is an interesting system because you are not required to use a HUD or go through a website to use the service. Everything works simply by touching. I am curious if it tries to verify if you are within a specific range, on the same property as it is, or if it doesn’t enforce you to be within the area. When it got down to two minutes, it asked me to stay near the cone so that I wouldn’t miss getting my money. Once it counted down, I had three minutes to touch it in order to claim my money. Afterwards, I had to touch once more get the next link.

There is a free version of the cone, but it would result in me paying 4 L$ per visitor. The 500 L$ version would cost me 3 L$ per visitor. By the looks of it, the first cone that I visited has only had 3 visitors so far and the parcel doesn’t show as having much traffic.

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