Physics Meeting

Falcon, Andrew, and Simon Linden sat in on a meeting today covering Physics. Falcon was the main person speaking about upcomming changes, and directions he would like to go with it.

One of the interesting things is with vehicles. They want us to be able to specify which prims are non- physical. Things like the dashboard, steering wheel, and such don’t really need to be physical. A vehicle would be able to have more than 32 prims, but only 32 of them would be flagged as being physical. Many vehiles could use just the frame to be physical, and to have a lot of detail with static objects.

Falcon continued to stress that physics objects should be simple, convex shapes and a collection of such shapes.

A side note, phantom objects were confirmed as better for physics, but are still have a physical representation when interacting with the land. Phantom objects collide with terrain only.

Andrew pointed out that Falcon was working on Havok 7 with a projected date to be released on the server (1.40) sometime in the late spring.

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