What the Lindens are not saying

Attending meetings with the Linden staff often results in cryptic messages when they cover upcomming features. Jeremy Linden explained that it is due to the official company policy. If you are not 100% sure of something, it is “it’s better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing.” This may be a good way to go about being called out for delays and missing features, but it is a bit hard to communicate with the lindens during their office hours. Rumors start to build up as well.

Many Lindens start to answer questions by indicating what is possible, or what will not happen. It’s as if it were a game of twenty questions, but you’ll never get confirmation if you got the answer or not. The closest that you’ll come is a reply of “you’ll be pleasently surprised when the 2.0 viewer comes out”. Some Lindens will ask other Lindens in the office if specific information can be released, but it’s mostly a game of chance. As far as the release date goes, don’t plan on having ample time to prepare for a release party.

Once Jeremy Linden was cloasing up the meeting, he posted a transcript of it. Regarding how he formatted the text into a nice chat log, he pointed me over to http://slog.whiz- kids.de/index.php.

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