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Rodion Resistance contacted me asking if I wouldn’t mind trying out an application of thiers. The product is called Peek360 and is created by AvaTrain LLC. Rodion is a Creative Director for the company.

Peek 360 gives you the ability to take panoramic snapshots in 360 degrees. It does this without the need to have you take the picture yourself. Through the website, you enter the name of a region and the x, y, z coordinates along with your email address. Minutes later, you’ll receive a link to the finished product.

Peek 360 – Woodbridge

The link takes you to a page that displays a static image of the location. You are able to press a left or right arrow to start having it turn in 360 degrees. You can pause the movement as well if you see something interesting. A link is provided that you can share with others as well as an option to embed the object on another site.

The system works by sending an automated avatar out to the location that you specify. I soon saw Paparazzi Artful land on my parcel and start to take snapshots. She has a big badge that identifies her as working for AvaTrain. She waited a moment first, as I suspect she was waiting for objects to rez. She then proceeded to take eight separate snapshots. Once she was gone, I shortly received an email.

There are a few kinks that need to be worked out. If a coordinate can’t be reached, the process fails. I specified a z coordinate of zero, but the land started at 20, and so the camera or the bot had problems getting to the location. Another kink is with animated objects. The bot waits a minute between each snapshot to let objects rez in the direction that the camera is waiting. In all this time, objects may move. I had a windmill that the bot had problems lining up. I suggested to Rodion to look into disabling object-object occlusion (CTRL+SHIFT+O) so that the snapshots could be taken in quick succession after the scene has loaded. The first snapshot didn’t have everything rendered at once so it may need more time to load before taking pictures. One other suggesion that I had was to allow us to drag the mouse over the flash applet so that we could control the speed and direction of the camera view.

Rodion took note of many of my suggestions. I am hoping to see the new improvements in due time. I am curious if this could also be integrated with Snapzilla. It would be an interesting feature.

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  1. If this works like promised and it can scale, it will be seriously awesome. I’m trying it right now.

  2. This seems similar to the SLPano service ( that started earlier this year.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! Unlike SLPano, we didn’t aim to showcase a true panorama (incidentally, we didn’t even know that an app such as SLPano existed). As the name of our app suggests, it’s a PEEK into Second Life, a sort of “keyhole view”. We believe that, if one truly wanted to experience the location firsthand, then they should “graduate” from the peek and actually download the SL client and go there themselves. Furthermore, it doesn’t take 200 images and a lot of skill to use Peek360–our aim was instant usability, and near-instant results.


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