Nyx Linden

Today Nyx talked primarily about the Cache and took suggestions on how to improve it. A few people had some comments about the current problems with cache. One suggestion was to allow the owner of a sim to mark which objects should be cached. SnowGlobe has some features of new cache code built into it already that can be tested.

Another topic that came up was transparent avatar skins [VWR-812]. It’s comming, but Nyx would not indicate which version of the viewer that we would see it in. He indicated that viewer 2 may be offered as a public beta sometime this month (or next), and may or may not have something related to the new feature.

Nyx Linden is a developer for the client viewer software that connects to Second Life servers. He is currently focusing on improving avatars and building tools. His avatar looks like a small robot and has a power cord for a tail.

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