Dedric Mauriac Bear 2.0

I decided it was time to upgrade the look of my bear to reflect my current appearance. I often walk around in a tuxedo with blue hair, a blue bowtie, one blue shoe, and a special hat (Prescience of Mind) from Tuna Oddfellow.

I was able to mockup some representations of the different aspects of my appearance and even learned a thing or two about creating hair. The prim hair on the bear is composed of 32 prims. I’ll see if I can knock it down a bit before I start handing them out.

I often give these bears away to any Linden who sends me a bear. I previously named them “Dedric Mauriac Brrr…“, but I’m changing the name to Bear. It would be easier to find in general if they are searching for bears in their inventory.

If you have a resident or Linden bear that represents you, I would be more than happy to add it to my own collection in exchange for a copy of my bear.

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