A typical meeting in Second Life

I’m here at one of the meetings with Linden Lab staff and impressed with the variety of characters here. You have robots, ghosts, cartoon characters, a panda bear, steam punk folks, punks, furries and more.

Todays meeting was just full of people asking questions regarding Avatars United and the future upgrade of the forums. The hot topic for today was impersonation. The lindens are working on something to help address the issue. For the moment, MSo Lambert made an app called SL Blips that does this for you.

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2 Responses to A typical meeting in Second Life

  1. The Metanomics crowd could learn a lot from Linden.

    Take note podium-replicators: These are people who literally /do/ run their regular business in-world.

    And they don’t do ties. 😉

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