The Perfect Mirror

One of the things you can do with Windlight is to turn water into a perfect reflection without any waves or distortions. It’s very simple to do. This is how I make the “Mirror” preset for water.

In the menu, choose “World” and then open the “Environment Settings” item. You can then choose “Environment Editor”. Click the button to work with “Advanced Water”. From here, you have lots of controls. Before you Do anything, click the “New” button and then click “Save”. I called my prset “Mirror”.

Setup the following:

  • Water Fac Color: White
  • Fog Density Exponent: 0
  • Underwater Fog Modifier: 0
  • Reflection Wavelet Scale: Set each to 10
  • Fresnel Scale: 0
  • Fresnel Offset: 1
  • Refract Scale Above: 0
  • Refract Scale Below: 0
  • Blur Multiplier: 0

You now have most of the work done for you, but there is one last step. Go to the “Image” tab and click on the normal map. For the texture, choose “Blank”. Don’t worry about the big and little wave directions. Just make sure to save your “Mirror” preset with one last time.

One more thing to consider is that this takes a lot of CPU to render mirrors, so zooming out pretty far can cause the viewer to freeze or crash. However, If you need photos with the mirror effect, this is one way to do it.

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