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Snapzilla has had albums for quite some time now. I just hadn’t mucked around with them that much before. Tonight I’ve been adding tons of my photos to my albums on Snapzilla. I’m trying to make certain that each photo is in at least one album. So far, I have gone through the photos back to March 6, 2008. I still have a few more years to go through before I get to my first photo. After that, I’m debating if I should do the same for tags. Snapzilla doesn’t show a tag cloud for individual users, or the community in general. Tags are soley used to search for other pictures that are taged the same. If I do go through and tag everything, I would much prefer that an API would be available to do something like that. I’ve been using API’s with my blog and the Yahoo! Term Extraction API to infuse it with tags for me. I also have the same photos in Flickr that are being tagged through tagcow.

I contacted Cristiano Midnight on Avatars United (the developer of Snapzilla) asking about the missing time on snapshots. He indicated that if I hovered my mouse over the date displayed below the image, then I would then see the time as well. He also stated that the time was in Eastern Time. I was scratching my head over that one as I could not find the time in the snapshots previously. I believe he added it after I had inquired about it.

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