Free iPad for joining Copper Robot group

As the episode of Copper Robot interview started, Mitch Wagner offered free iPad’s to any existing or new members that join the “Copper Robot” group. There were quite a few people asking questions about the offer since it could be construed as either a real-life tangible iPad made by apple, or a virtual object made up of prims.

Guests on the show were Arminasx Saiman and Joe Linden. Joe made a few hints about the 2.0 viewer including auto gain and echo cancelation. He stated that taking snapshoulds would improve. When asked about blogging capabilities, he said we could script it to do that. In a sense, it appears that the 2.0 viewer will have client-side scripting capabilities of some kind. That would be very powerful if that is the case – more so if there is communication capabilities between in-world objects.

Throughout the interview, there was much opinions on how the public will find a need for the product, and the benefits compared to handheld devices and netbooks. There was also some early history about the company and potential for some form of Second Life to run on the device.

One application that was brought up was Blio eReader. It is a pretty good eReader that may get integrated in some way to the iPad.

Arminasx Saiman, Joe Linden
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3 Responses to Free iPad for joining Copper Robot group

  1. Sascha says:

    Ich bin sehr gespannt ob das Apple iPad ein Verkaufsschlager wird, ich bin jedoch sehr guter Dinge. Ich selber werde mir ein iPad kaufen, natürlich mit 3G, dann kann ich in der Uni und im Zug surfen und Filme schauen.

    • I’m leaning against getting one. My university has a section just for iPhones, which would probably work well on the iPad as well. However, most of my free time is setting in front of a desktop computer. I don’t ride a train to work, and my university is completely online.

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