Converting Snapzilla Images to blog posts

After the success of using “Snap Down” earlier, I was able to parse through the cached data to extract metadata about each of my images. I was able to parse out the title, description, slurls, tags, albums, links, slugs, and more. Albums are stored as categories, and tags are stored as keywords. I setup the images themselves to be linked as enclosures.

There is still one part that I’m scratching my head over. The snapzill website only lists the date that the image was uploaded, but does not include the time. This is a bit tricky for me as I can not identify the timezone. I am assuming it is PST to be inline with the time that the virtual environment uses, but I think the snapzilla server might be located on the east coast. Other than that, I believe that’s the last thing to work out before I start to upload the images and merge my posts into WordPress.

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  1. […] well. He also stated that the time was in Eastern Time. I was scratching my head over that one as I could not find the time in the snapshots previously. I believe he added it after I had inquired about […]

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