Echo Canyon

I was to go and help my mother in-law to configure her voice in a virtual environment today. The snow came in last night and hasn’t let up yet, so my plans were abandoned. Since this is hardware based diagnostics as well as software configuration, I could not visit her virtually. My physical presence was necessary. My roads haven’t seen a plow yet and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

One of the places that I heard about in the past for voice diagnostics in this virtual environment was Echo Canyon. When you arrive, anything that you say is played back in your headset. You can hear yourself talk, but you can not hear others around you speaking. However, you are free to talk to them via text chat.

Adjusting the volume in the device settings didn’t seem to have any effect on this. (You can adjust your volume level by editing your preferences and clicking on the voice chat tab). I got the feeling that my voice wasn’t being played back from the vivox servers, but being played strait from my own computer.

Another handy tool that I’ve used in the past to detect voice settings by calling echo123 on skype. Once you call the echo sound test service, an automated message asks you to start making some noise. After 20 seconds, it is then played back for you.

Since I didn’t go off to mom’s house today, I spent the time importing my blog posts from my real life blog related to virtual worlds into my virtual blog. I finally completed importing them all manually. The next thing that I would like to work on is importing my snapzilla snapshots as well. When I send images to social networks, snapzilla also gets a copy sent its way. Usually snapzilla will have blog posts that other systems did not interpret properly, or that other services did not crost-post to my main virtual world blog.

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