NaNoWriMo After Effects

It seems that each year that I attempt the NaNoWriMo, I get closer to completing the goal and have move vibrant stories. This year, I ran into a familiar face from two years ago, PhoebeAnn Theas. Back in November, she indicated that I was an inspiration in her book, The Dreamers Thread, and that she was in the process of serializing it for podiobooks with various voice actors, such as my favorite, Mur Lafferty, from the Heaven series and Playing for Keeps.

The Dreamers Thread is in the final chapters and almost at it’s ending, but you can go and start listening to it from start to finish through a free podiobook subscrption. Donations to the author are welcome. I decided to contact PhoebeAnn Theas (who is also a musician/singer) and ask if she would be interested in a podcast interview. She gave a positive reply and the details are in the works. My last interview with Jet Burns from NASA/JPL seemed to go pretty well (other than different audio volumes for the two of us), so I would imagine that this interview would be the same, if not better.

This is a bit odd being excited to interview someone of whom my avatar was an inspiration for a character in their story.

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