TagCow says, Moo money please!

After 250 images, my $5.00 complementary credit at tagcow has run out. I hopped on over to flickr and saw a cloud of tags where before there were just a few. I threw in 10 dollars to have them continue work. In all, it will cost me roughly $45 dollars to tag everything. It’s better than me trying to go through each post and tagging them myself. No matter how much I try to hold back on money when it comes to services, sometimes I just need to put a price tag on my own time and compare.

Once all of this is done, I’ll have to pull at my flickr images with the flickr api and match them up against my wordpress posts to determine which tags should go where.

Speaking of downloading information to put into my blog, I believe I’m going to start looking into importing missing snapshots from snapzilla as well as some older ones from my real life blog documenting my first days in second life. I have already added my first image posted on Snapzilla, but I want to work out where the images will be hosted before I proceed with that. It’s too bad that Snapzilla doesn’t offer an API to work with my photos.

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